Frequently Asked Questions - EarLIte

Are there any chemicals in EarLite that are harmful to my skin?

No, EarLite is totally safe. Our adhesives are hypoallergenic and totally safe for skin contact.

Will EarLite work on my earlobe if it is already torn?

YES! Infact we would highly recommend using EarLite to prevent further stretching and tearing of the earlobe. EarLite patch will hold the earring at the top of the ear hole thereby making your torn ear lobes appear normal.

Does EarLite work on earlobes that are not stretched?

YES! If you use EarLite before your earlobes begin to stretch, not only will the weight of the earrings feel much less, but you may actually prevent your lobes from stretching in the future.

How long can I continue using EarLite products?

You can use EarLite as long as you desire. However for hygiene purposes we recommend you remove the patch when you remove your earrings before sleeping at night and wear a fresh EarLite patch in the morning.

If I have had plastic surgery on my ear lobes, can I use EarLite?

YES! In fact, using EarLite may prevent another visit to that plastic surgeon.